Summer Reading: 48 Hour Book Challenge 2014

weneeddiversebooks-logoSunday Morning, 1:15 a.m. A fairly typical day at work, although I did squeeze in some reading.  Came home to make dinner and listened to more of One Good Turn.  Took a break and ate, watched television with my husband, then back to the audio book while I made dill dip, vegetables and mini cupcakes for coffee hour at church tomorrow.  Then I finished sewing a fleece blanket for a gift for a friend and wrapped up the blanket and a copy of I am the Messenger to celebrate her recent graduation from high school.  Sat down and read the last few pages of Don’t Touch by Rachel Wilson, and I have to say this book really speaks to me.

I have not read many books for the challenge that I would say are diverse, but this is one.  Caddie’s anxiety is so real it hurts,  and I should know, having dealt with my own anxiety as an adult.  I do not struggle with OCD or magical thinking, but I know what it feels like to think you might fly into a million pieces or to consider doing something that seems freeing but is really a cry for help.  If there are other books for teens featuring this kind of anxiety I am not recalling one off hand.  I wish I could say we don’t need books like this one but we do.  I feel like I have a second wind, but reality is telling me I have t get up in five hours and be somewhat functional.  Although I will say it is quite tempting to finish the audio book.  19 hours 40 minutes, 737 pages read, 1 hour 30 minutes blogging/networking

Saturday Morning, 8:30 a.m. I did manage to make it till 12:30 a.m. last night.  I went to bed not because I wasn’t interested in what I was reading, but because I knew I had to be up and get ready for work this morning.  I ended up choosing Don’t Touch by Rachel Wilson.  A debut novel that has a main character who is immediately compelling, trying to navigate a new school, old friendships, and her parents’ possible divorce through severe anxiety.  I managed another hour of reading this morning.  12 hours, 585+ pages read, 1 hour 15 minutes blogging/networking.

Friday Night, 11:30 p.m. Took an extended break to cook dinner and spend time with my husband this evening.  That being said, I started and finished Death Comes Silently by Carolyn Hart.  I noted in my review of the previous entry in the series that it seemed like Hart was making the series “fit” contemporary preferences by placing the characters in more serious danger and suspense as opposed to having most of the violence take place off stage.  The same was true with this entry.  I enjoyed it, although I did find myself wondering how many murders could there be on a small island?  Also a couple of references to popular culture threw me a little, although I loved her saying that Max was like Joe Hardy, as I have often compared Annie Darling to Nancy Drew.  Now trying to decide what to read next.  I have a feeling if I can’t engage with a title, I will probably get sleepy quickly.  However, I also think that I have read more hours at this point into the challenge then any other year.  10 hours, 30 minutes and 476+ pages read.  1 hour blogging/networking.

Friday Afternoon, 4:00 p.m.  Considering it is my day off and I did the grocery shopping last night, I had a bit to do around the house today.  I did my normal cleaning plus cleaned the shower and cooked several casseroles for the freezer.  I was delighted to find the downloadable audio book of Kate Atkinson’s One Good Turn to listen to while I worked.  I was just thinking about the genius of her work, that there are mysteries and mysterious events surrounding a diverse cast of characters, often seeming discrete and divergent that somehow connect and relate or intertwine so that many stories are really one, and the important parts are not what you first thought. I think listening to these on audio is ideal because I can really savor them  I also finished I am the Weapon by Allen Zadoff (which I had started yesterday I think?)  This first in a series is very well paced, and fills a niche left by Alex Rider, although for me the actual meat of the story was a little more realistic, even if the set up for how the main character got there is less so (and now that I think of it, very Alex Rider-esque).  Seems that this book is being re-released under this new title with a bigger push, perhaps because it has been optioned for development.  6 hours, 25 minutes and 200+ pages read.

Friday Morning, 8:15 a.m.: It is that time of year again, time for the 48 Hour Book Challenge.  I guess I talk about it more than I realize, as a coworker mentioned it to me as I was leaving work yesterday.  In past years I had always wished to do the challenge on Friday and Saturday, and this year that is what I am doing. My work schedule has changed, so I have Fridays off.  Of course, still going to be reading while running errands, cooking, cleaning and all of that.

My goals again this year are to have fun, read a variety of books, and try to network more. I have been trying to blog more, at which I have only been marginally successful.  I have been trying to read more, which is going much better.  I do have lots of books all over as well as a ton of e-galleys on my tablet, but will likely take a trip to the library JUST to be safe. (Running out of books, not going to happen.  Staying awake? Now that remains to be seen.)

If you want to participate, it isn’t too late to get in on the action. More information here. The twitter hash tag for the challenge is #48hbc, if anyone else wants to follow along. The challenge is back on Mother Reader’s blog, and she is focusing on the recent (and unfortunately not so recent) push for diversity in children’s and young adult literature #weneeddiversebooks.


  1. Good luck!!! I’m not starting until tomorrow morning which is a first for me. I generally like to start on Friday but I have to be awake and coherent tomorrow afternoon so I must sleep at least a few hours tonight. What’s first up on your reading list?

    • I am all flipped around time wise too! I never really know what I am going to read, but I did have I am the Weapon already started, and was thrilled for One Good Turn. I will try and stop by your blog tomorrow to return the good cheer!

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    • As I recall, there is only 1 book in the series that has them leave the island…we live very close to a small barrier island, and while the population swells to around 40,000 in the winter, I would think that people would start to think they lived in Cabot Cove after awhile. Although as I recall, Jessica Fletcher was away more than she was at home later in the series.

    • Well, should note that I am mostly just reading whatever I have rather than focusing on diversity alone for challenge. This was a book I had started before the challenge began. However, I would say two things relative to I am the Weapon–almost no details about the main character are given in terms of his background in that area. So he really is a “boy nobody” and I suppose everybody at the same time. Not the same as identifying how he fits, but a good choice for the plot. In the book his complicated romantic interest is half Israeli and half American.

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