Summer Reading: 48 Hour Book Challenge 2014 Wrap Up

I did squeeze in 30 more minutes of listening to the audio book of One Good Turn this morning, even with the busy-ness of getting everything together to head to church.  I didn’t quite finish, but I do think that is the longest amount time I have spent listening to an audio book as part of the 48 Hour Book Challenge.

I really liked reading on Friday as in years past I have not been able to do so, and it was nice to settle in and read.  I didn’t get as much networking/commenting as I would have liked, but now I can cheer on everyone else who is still reading.  I liked the focus for the challenge on diverse books, although I would really only count Don’t Touch by Rachel Wilson out of the books I read.

I surpassed by time spent reading from last year which makes me much happier than it probably should.  20 hours 10 minutes read, 1 hour 30 minutes networking/blogging.  


  1. I had a great time as well, so seldom get that kind of time for reading but with announcements to friends and family I would be reading, I made it fine! And the RIF staff in the office on Friday had a great time in my beach room and various “beach” activities!

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