Summer Reading: 48 Hour Book Challenge 2013 Wrap Up

As usual, Monday morning hits me like a ton of bricks and just now sitting down to do a wrap-up of the 48 Hour Book Challenge.  I am glad that I decided at the last minute to participate again this year.  I really enjoyed the luxury of just reading and not worrying about much else.  Again I lament my inability to stay awake (which is especially ironic as lately I have had difficulty falling asleep.)  I didn’t quite make as many hours and pages as last year, but considering that I have not been reading much or blogging at all, this is a success for me.  I wish I had spent more time visiting and commenting on blogs, following on twitter and so forth, but perhaps that is something I can try to add to my everyday activities as well.  Now since I seem to have some interest in blogging again, I need to figure out how to fix what is going on with my blog…I read parts of 5 books (finishing 2 that I was in the middle of) and completed 2 books.  The final numbers: 18 hours, 15 minutes, 1223 pages read, 1 hour spent blogging/networking.


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